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Let me introduce myself: This is who I am and what I do

In this video I introduce myself and talk about two cases of my patient series.
Video in English.

Due to the pandemic, personal contact between doctors has declined.

At the Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen, however, training is still provided live from the operating room.

Music makes my heart beat faster.

Most people know me as a physician. Away from medicine I love music. I am a singer, guitar player and the president of a choir.                                                                                                               

A probe is pushed into the antechamber via the groin.

Severe cardiac arrhythmias. He was one of 50 patients worldwide who were treated with a completely new probe within a pilot study.

Father of famous Austrian Skier got his rhythm back.

The ski coach Ferdinand Hirscher suffered from atrial fibrillation. After a series of incidents, it was time to get his heart back on track.

Do we need more specialization in Austria? Absolutely!

In Austria, we have too few resources to perform ablations. Patients often have very long waiting times.

A special pacemaker against palpitations.

This patient's heart beat for up to 200 minutes. Survival was ensured by a defibrillator inserted into the chest muscle. But the device had emitted fear-inducing fate ...

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