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What I stand for.

As an electrophysiologist, I work closely and continuously with the industry, which develops great technology and instruments for us to perform our treatments.


It is important for me to make a clear distinction here between the respective areas of responsibility:


  1. Education is provided by physicians

  2. The training is done by the industry


Education must be from physician to physician, unbiased and independent. Here we physicians must set the tone and decide which medical devices are used. There are different approaches to solve a problem and the experts must determine which  to take.


Equally important are trainings that are initiated by industry and certain medical devices are tested. Here we need steady and tight cooperation with industry. It has to be a continuous dialogue on eye level to leverage innovation.


So it is not a matter of conflicting interests, but rather of synergy: Industry needs physicians to provide technical direction. The physicians need the industry to develope this direction and produce the corresponding tools.


My heart beats for the young.

One of the most important tasks in medicine or of a doctor is to pass on his knowledge.


That's why it's especially important to me to support the next generation of young physicians and help them with their training and advancement.


Especially in electrophysiology, which is very complex, this requires a lot of practice and years of experience.


I'm proud that at the Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen, we have the first digital transmission platform in Austria, with which interventions in the cardiac catheter laboratory can be accessed from all over the world.


Heart experts and trainees from all over the world can thus be present during interventions in real time. This gives an insight as if they were directly on site and can participate live, which is the basis for solid education and training in electrophysiology.


I am very pleased that I and my entire department can be part of this technological progress. This is the future and it belongs to the young!

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