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Meet Dr. Dixon

What my heart beats for.

I am a clinical practitioner with all my heart and even after many years, it gives me great joy when I can improve the lives of my patients.

As Head of Department of Clinical Electrophysiology at Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen I am involved in patient visits, device implantations and I perform ablation procedures on a daily basis in the largest and one of the most respected EP centers in Austria.

Especially in electrophysiology, which is very complex, this requires a lot of practice and years of experience. That's why it's especially important to me to support the next generation of young physicians and help them with their training and advancement.

Present positions:

  • Head of Department of Clinical Electrophysiology, Public Hospital Elisabethinen Linz

  • Faculty of Doctorate School (PhD program) at the Johannes Kepler University Clinic Linz, Austria

  • Associate Professor in Internal Medicine, Universität Graz


Let's shape Europe's leading arrhythmia society together!

Let me draw your attention to the ongoing EHRA Executive Board Elections 2022-2024. EHRA members from ESC Countries are invited to participate digitally until 22 February 2022.


To vote, please visit:


In the following years, the goal is to strengthen EHRA as "the leading arrhythmia society in Europe" and to set important initiatives:

  • Ensure that EHRA's 5 pillars (advocacy, education, congress, membership and research) are upheld for years to come

  • Enhance digital technology to create new opportunities of education and research and to quickly adapt in a pandemic situation

  • Leverage female participation, include specifically the young generation and integrate the less privileged or underserved countries

What else is important for our community? What is important to you personally?

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Arrhythmia Department

Our heart beats for the best
medical care for our patients. 

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